Team Ruohonen - Minneapolis, United States
  • Player Photo

    4: Greg Persinger

    Age: 41
    Birthplace: Fairbanks,
    Resides: Fairbanks,
    Started Curling: 1992
    Throws: Right
  • Player Photo

    S: Rich Ruohonen

    Age: 48
    Birthplace: St. Paul,
    Resides: Brooklyn Park,
    Started Curling: 1983
    Throws: Right
  • Player Photo

    2: Colin Hufman

    Age: 35
    Birthplace: Fairbanks,
    Resides: Minneapolis,
    Started Curling: 1995
    Throws: Right
  • Player Photo

    1: Phil Tilker

    Age: 42
    Birthplace: Bracebridge,
    Resides: Seattle,
    Started Curling: 1990
    Throws: Right
  • Player Photo

    A: Kroy Nernberger

    Age: 35
    Birthplace: Medford,
    Resides: Madison,
    Started Curling: 1997
    Throws: Right
  • Team Statistics

    Games: 0  
    Record: 0W - 0L  
    Extra Ends: 0W - 0L  
    One-Point Games: 0W - 0L  
    PF/G: 0.00  
    PA/G: 0.00  
    Hammer Efficiency: 0.00  
    Steal Defense: 0.00  
    Force Efficiency: 0.00  
    Steal Efficiency: 0.00  
Team Ruohonen - World Team Ranking Results
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Order of Merit YTD:0.000
Order of Merit Start:162.446
Order of Merit Total:162.446