Niklas Edin wins Curling Masters Champery

Niklas Edin (Karlstad, Sweden) wins the Curling Masters Champery, defeating Greg Drummond (Stirling, Scotland) 6-3. Edin with Oskar Eriksson at third, Rasmus Wrana and Christoffer Sundgren on the front end take home the $17,949CDN first place cheque along with 43.422 world ranking points, while Drummond receives $11,539CDN and 34.117 world ranking points for their second place finish.

Starting with hammer, Edin blanked the first end, got on the board scoring 2 in the second end, then added a steal in the third end. After Drummond scored a single in the fourth end to trail 3-1, Edin responded in the fifth end scoring 2. Drummond scored 2 in the sixth end, but Edin scored a single in the seventh end and held on for the 6-3 win.

In the semifinals, Edin defeated Patric Mabergs (Skelleftea, Swedeb) 8-3 and Drummond defeated Jaap van Dorp (Zoetermeer, Netherlands) 6-5. van Dorp and Mabergs earned $6,410CDN and 26.363 ranking points for their semifinal finishes. In the quarterfinals, Edin defeated Stefan Staehli (Bern, Switzerland) 6-0, Drummond defeated Bruce Mouat (Edinburgh, Scotland) 4-3, while van Dorp defeated Tom Brewster (Aberdeen, Scotland) 5-4 and Mabergs defeated Marc Pfister (Adelboden, Switzerland) 5-3. Brewster, Mouat, Staehli and Pfister earned $3,846CDN along with 18.609 ranking points for their quarterfinal finishes.

Edin went 4-1 in the 24 team round robin pools qualifying round. In their opening game, Edin lost 5-3 to Brewster, but responded with a 7-4 win over Yannick Schwaller (Bern, Switzerland). Edin won against Yves Hess (Zug, Switzerland) 7-3, against Joel Retornaz (Trentino, Italy) 4-1, and Gaetan Mancini 11-3 in their final qualifying round match.