Heldin/Lindstroem wins Oberstdorf International Mixed Doubles Cup

Johanna Heldin/Kristian Lindstroem (Uppsala, Sweden) wins the Oberstdorf International Mixed Doubles Cup, defeating Zuzana Paulova/Tomas Paul (Prague, Czech Republic) 8-7 in Eissport Club in Oberstdorf, Germany. Heldin/Lindstroem take home the $1,221CDN first place cheque, while Paulova/Paul receives $763CDN for their second place finish.

Starting with hammer, Heldin/Lindstroem scored 1 in the first end, Paulova/Paul responded in the second end scoring 2. Heldin/Lindstroem scored 2 in the third end, then forced Paulova/Paul to a single in the fourth end to hold the game to a 3-3 tie at the break. After Heldin/Lindstroem scored 3 in the fifth end, Paulova/Paul responded in the sixth end scoring 4 to take back the lead. Heldin/Lindstroem were held to a single in the seventh end, but then added steal in the eighth end for the 8-7 win.

In the semifinals, Heldin/Lindstroem defeated Jana Naceradska/Radek Bohac (Prague, Czech Republic) 7-6 and Paulova/Paul defeated Daniela Rupp/Kevin Wunderlin (Zug, Switzerland) 7-0. In the quarterfinals, Heldin/Lindstroem defeated Gina Aitken/Scott Andrews (Stirling, Scotland) 6-5, Paulova/Paul defeated Veronica Zappone/Simone Gonin (Trentino, Italy) 9-5, while Naceradska/Bohac defeated Veronika Neznalova/Matej Neznal (Prague, Czech Republuc) 11-4 and Rupp/Wunderlin defeated Stella Heiss/Marc Muskatewitz (Fuessen, Germay) 9-6.