Satsuki Fujisawa wins Karuizawa International

Satsuki Fujisawa (Kitami, Japan) wins the Karuizawa International, defeating Chiaki Matsumura (Karuizawa, Japan) 10-3 at the Karuizawa Ice Park in Karuizawa, Japan. Fujisawa with Chinami Yoshida at third, Yumi Suzuki and Yurika Yoshida on the front end take home the $11,422CDN first place cheque along with 46.248 world ranking points, while Matsumura receives $6,853CDN and 36.338 world ranking points for their second place finish.

Starting with hammer, Fujisawa scored 2 in the first end, then forced Matsumura to a single in the second end. Fujisawa scored 2 in the third end, again forced Matsumura to a single in the fourth end to lead 4-2. Fujisawa scored 2 in the fifth end, focring Matsumura to another single in the sixth end, then scored 4 in the seventh end to clinch the 10-3 win.

Silvana Tirinzoni (Aarau, Switzerland) defeated Ayumi Ogasawara (Sapporo, Japan) 5-1 in the bronze medal game. Tirinzoni won $4,569CDN, while Ogasawara won $2,284CDN along 28.079 ranking points for their semifinal finishes.

In the semifinals, Fujisawa defeated Tirinzoni 6-5 and Matsumura defeated Ogasawara. In the quarterfinals, Fujisawa defeated Anna Hasselborg (Sundbyberg, Sweden) 6-5 in an extra end, Matsumura defeated Un-Chi Gim (Gyeonggi-do, Korea) 5-3, while Ogasawara defeated Anna Sidorova (Moscow, Russia) 6-5 and Tirinzoni defeated Eve Muirhead (Perth , Scotland) 5-2. Hasselborg, Muirhead, Sidorova and Gim earned $1,713CDN along with 19.821 ranking points for their quarterfinal finishes.

Fujisawa went 2-2 in the 15 team round-robin pools qualifying round. In their opening game, Fujisawa lost 6-4 to Sidorova, then responded with a 5-3 win over Mone Ryokawa (Karuizawa, JPN). Fujisawa won against Sue Yoen Kang (Seoul, KOR) 7-2, losing their next game to Hasselborg 7-2 in their final qualifying round match, squeezing into the playoffs with the best shootout among 2-2 teams.