Baden Masters

Niklas Edin wins Baden Masters

Niklas Edin (Karlstad, SWE) wins the Baden Masters, defeating Thomas Ulsrud (Oslo, NOR) 5-4 in the final held in Baden, Swizerland.


  • Scoreboard

    Draw: CF -- Sun, Sep 3 -- 1:30pm CET
    Ulsrud Final
    Edin (8)
    Central European Time (CET)
  • Strength of Field: 5.8101

    Champion: 43.576pts
    2nd Place: 31.956pts
    Semifinals: 24.693pts
    Quarterfinals: 17.430pts

    Draw CF Sun, Sep 3 -- 1:30pm CET
    Thomas Ulsrud vs.
    Niklas Edin
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw SF Sun, Sep 3 -- 9:00am CET
    Thomas Ulsrud vs.
    Steffen Walstad
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw QF Sat, Sep 2 -- 8:00pm CET
    Thomas Ulsrud vs.
    Yannick Schwaller
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw 9 Sat, Sep 2 -- 1:45pm CET
    Jaap van Dorp vs.
    Peter De Cruz
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw 8 Sat, Sep 2 -- 10:45am CET
    Karlis Smilga vs.
    Team Vez
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw 6 Fri, Sep 1 -- 9:00pm CET
    Felix Attinger vs.
    Kristian Lindstroem
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw 5 Fri, Sep 1 -- 6:30pm CET
    Joel Retornaz vs.
    Thomas Ulsrud
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw 3 Fri, Sep 1 -- 1:00pm CET
    Yannick Schwaller vs.
    Aku Kauste
    Youtube: Watch Replay
  • Event Description

    Purse Breakdown: 1st: CHF 11,000 2nd: CHF 7,000 3/4: CHF 3,500 5-8: CHF 1,500
  • Host Hotel

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