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  • Red Deer Curling Classic
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    Event Information
    Purse Breakdown: 1st: $10,000 2nd: $7,000 3/4: $4,000 5-8: $2,500
    Payment Information
    Entries can be made by completing the below form in detail along with a $500 deposit cheque (non-refundable if no replacement can be found) dated no later than September 1st to secure your spot in the event. Please include a second cheque for the remainder of the entry fee $500 post-dated no later than Aug.31. Cheques are to be made out to "Red Deer Curling Classic" Teams are to submit payment by cheque to the Red Deer Pidherney Curling Center Address which is: C/O Red Deer Curling Classic Curling Committee Bay E, 4725 – 43rd Street Red Deer, AB T4N 6Z3

    Location: Red Deer, Alberta Contact: Lori
    E: RDClassic@reddeercurling.ca
    Purse: $35,000 CDN Teams: 28
    Entry Fee: $1,000 CDN Qualifiers: 8
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