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Payment Information
Please make cheque for $550 payable to KW GRANITE CLUB, post-dated for August 15, 2013 and mail to:

KW Fall Classic
c/o Marc Joyce
445 Stillmeadow Circle
Waterloo, ON
N2L 5M1

Cheques will be cashed on August 15, 2013. Money will be refunded if a team withdraws after August 15, 2013 only if a replacement team can be found. Spots will not be guaranteed without payment. Returning teams (3 of 4 members from 2012) will be guaranteed entry if received on or before July 15, 2013.

Location: Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario Contact: Marc Joyce
P: 519-497-9432
Purse: $8,500 CDN Teams: 16
Entry Fee: $550 CDN Qualifiers: 8
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