DEKALB Superspiel

Sigurdson wins DEKALB Superspiel

Steen Sigurdson with Riley Smith at third, Ian McMillan and Nick Curtis on the front end wins the DEKALB Superspiel


  • Scoreboard

    Draw: CF -- Sun, Nov 24 -- 6:30pm CT
    Hartung Final
    Sigurdson (6)
    Central Time (CT)
  • Morris Curling Club

    350 Main Street,
    Morris, Manitoba, Canada
  • Strength of Field: 0.95

    Champion: 7.125pts
    2nd Place: 5.225pts
    Semifinals: 4.038pts
    Quarterfinals: 2.850pts
  • Event Description

    Purse Breakdown: 1st: $10,000 2nd: $6,000 3/4: $3,000 5-8: $2,000 TO ENTER: Cheques payable to Morris Curling Club MCT C/0 Brian Recksiedler or Kris Mazinke Box 171 Morris, Man. ROG IKO HOTELS: Let us know the number of rooms needed and we will ensure the rooms are booked. TRAVEL: Nearest airport is Winnipeg (YWG) Inform us of your flight times and we will make arrangements to pick your team up.
  • Host Hotel

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