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  • Curl Mesabi Cash Spiel
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    Event Information
    Host Hotel- Super 8(right across the hwy from the club) Eveleth, MN 218-744-1661 Ask for the "Curl Mesabi" block
    Payment Information
    Please make cheque payable for $650 to CURL MESABI CASH SPIEL and mail to:

    Phil Drobnick
    703 Harrison Street
    Eveleth, MN

    Location: Curl Mesabi
    901 Hat Trick Ave.,
    Eveleth, Minnesota, United States
    Contact: Phill Drobnick
    E: curlmesabi@hotmail.com
    Purse: $17,200 USD Teams: 24
    Entry Fee: $650 USD Qualifiers: 8
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