KW Fall Classic

Hastings wins KW Fall Classic

Julie Hastings with Cheryl McPherson at third, Stacey Smith and Katrina Collins on the front end wins the KW Fall Classic


  • Scoreboard

    Draw: CF -- Sun, Sep 29 -- 3:30pm ET
    McKnight Final
    Hastings (EE)
    Eastern Time (ET)
  • Strength of Field: 1.91

    Champion: 14.325pts
    2nd Place: 10.505pts
    Semifinals: 8.118pts
    Quarterfinals: 5.730pts

    Draw 16 Sun, Sep 29 -- 12:30pm ET
    Harrison, J vs.
    McKnight, S
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw 15 Sun, Sep 29 -- 9:00am ET
    Middaugh, S vs.
    Auld, C
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw 12 Sat, Sep 28 -- 4:00pm ET
    Auld, C vs.
    Hastings, J
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw 6 Fri, Sep 27 -- 5:00pm ET
    Cadorin, C vs.
    Flaxey, A
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw 5 Fri, Sep 27 -- 1:45pm ET
    Harrison, J vs.
    Pottinger, A
    Youtube: Watch Replay
    Draw 2 Thu, Sep 26 -- 9:00pm ET
    Flaxey, A vs.
    Middaugh, S
    Youtube: Watch Replay
  • Event Description

    With the increased demand for the event, we're going to be expanding to 25 teams, and keeping the 4 game guarantee with going to 5 pools of 5 teams. 2 teams will qualify out of each pool.
  • Host Hotel

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