Peterman/Gallant wins Battleford Mixed Doubles Fall Curling Classic

Jocelyn Peterman/Brett Gallant (Winnipeg, Canada) win the Battleford Mixed Doubles Fall Curling Classic, defeating Laura Walker/Kirk Muyres (Edmonton, Canada) 7-5 at the Twin Rivers Curling Club in North Battleford, Canada. Peterman/Gallant take home the $2,000CDN first place cheque, while Walker/Muyres receives $1,300CDN for their second place finish.

Walker/Muyres opened the scoring stealing 1 in the first end, then forced Peterman/Gallant to a single in the second end. Walker/Muyres scored a single in the third end, with Peterman/Gallant scoring the first deuce in the fourth end to lead to 3-2. Walker/Muyres were held to a single in the fifth end, then added a steal of 2 in the sixth end to lead by two after six ends. Peterman/Gallant scored 2 in the seventh end to tie the game, then added a steal of 2 in the eighth end for the 7-5 win.

In the semifinals, Peterman/Gallant defeated Ashley Quick/Mike Armstrong (Regina, Sasaktchewan) 10-3 and Walker/Muyres defeated Madison Kleiter/Rylan Kleiter (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) 6-5. . In the quarterfinals, Peterman/Gallant defeated Breanne Knapp/Kelly Knapp (Regina, Saskatchewan) 9-2, Walker/Muyres defeated Kalynn Park/Charley Thomas (Calgary, Alberta) 7-6, while Quick/Armstrong defeated Jolene Campbell/Trent Knapp (Regina, Saskatchewan) 10-3 and Kleiter/Kleiter defeated Chaelynn Kitz/Brayden Stewart (Saskatoon, CAN) 7-6. The quarterfinalists received $600 CDN for their 5th place finishes.